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It is not only as we get older that it is important that we take advice about the benefits of having a Will.  A Will not only lets you decide what should happen to the things you care about after your death, but also lets you choose who should be responsible for seeing that your instructions are properly followed.

By not having a Will it can often mean that on your death it is necessary to apply to the Sheriff Court for the appointment of an Executor and that it will take longer to settle your estate.  Without having a Will that states clearly what you want to happen to your estate the law will lay down how your estate will be distributed and this may not be what you would want and may even result in there being Inheritance Tax payable which might have been avoided if certain strategies had been included in a Will.  By spending a short amount of time making a Will and spending a relatively small amount of money some or all of this may be avoided.

Old-Fashioned Will And TestamentIn assisting you with making your Will we will not only seek information from you about your assets and financial circumstances but also about your family and personal circumstances and what you want to happen as the ultimate distribution of your estate, including any provision for care of family and bequests to family, friends or charity.  It is also important to review any existing Will and to consider making changes as your circumstances change.

The making of your Will can, quite understandably, be an emotional time and we will guide you professionally and sensitively through the whole process.

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You may also find additional information on making a will on The Law Society of Scotland’s website.