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The services offered by The Law Cottage are generally referred to as Chamber Work.  These services presently include:

  • Conveyancing

Whether you are buying or selling property this is not only one of the biggest financial transactions most of us are ever likely to be involved in but potentially one of the most stressful too.  Our aim is to take care of the legal aspects of your sale or purchase and….
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  • Executries

The death of a loved one in any circumstances can be at a difficult and stressful time.  The legal procedures which are required after somebody dies can vary greatly depending on the individual’s circumstances including such things as….
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  • Wills

It is not only as we get older that it is important that we take advice about the benefits of having a Will.  A Will not only lets you decide what should happen to the things you care about after your death, but also….
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  • Powers of Attorney

It’s not only when we get older that it can be convenient or necessary for someone else to look after our affairs for us.  It may be that we simply prefer for someone else to look after things for us or something unforeseeable happens….
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  • Guardianship Orders and Intervention Orders

Guardianship Orders and Intervention Orders are other types of work which we can assist you with and generally fall within what is referred to as “Adults with Incapacity” work.  These have been….
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